Maxi Stone Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Incorporated in 1997, Maxi Stone Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is one of Malaysia’s largest importers of quality natural stone products. With a vision to provide natural stones to the ‘concrete’ lifestyle of city folks, we provide a comprehensive range of products so that the city lifestyles would also be complemented with a touch of natural beauty.

Who We Are

For the past 23 years, Maxi Stone Marketing’s everlasting products have added beauty and elegance to indoor and outdoor building surfaces. They are manufactured under rigid specifications, strict aesthetic and technical quality control.

We help you to enhance your home, office or industrial buildings and properties with natural stone products. Our wide variety of products include building stones, landscape stones, stone-care products, slate, basalt, sandstone, cobblestone, granite, pebbles and also river stones. At Maxi Stone Marketing, we insist on the enduring beauty of natural stones. In fact, many of our quality products have become the most popular home furnishing materials.

Natural stone brings a timeless beauty to any building or landscape through color, texture, and durability. Your property values will certainly be increased and maintenance cost decreased with use of natural stone.

Our range of broken paver is perhaps the largest source in Malaysia with materials from quarries in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany and India, offering different surfaces, sizes, thicknesses and edges to suit all your home renovation needs.

In view of the market’s demand of convenient stone cladding, Maxi Stone Marketing has developed an easy stone cladding installation system known as MEXX Stone Cladding System.

Our Experiences

At Maxi Stone Marketing, we are committed to providing our customers with accurate and timely technical support to ensure that the customer will maximize the value of the products they purchase. Quality and customer service are our foremost concerns. We employ the most efficient and modern machinery to process the stones. We follow rigid quality control procedures, from the quarrying stage to the packing stage.

We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Our products can conveniently be matched to other premium building materials & can be imaginatively laid out in exquisite patterns & innovative color combination for dramatic effect. Our product quality is updated with high level of professionalism of the mason, who are kept up to date by means of external & internal training courses that guarantee product quality.

All of our friendly and helpful sales personnel are available to our customers, offering recommendations and assistance to address any technical issues that may arise with the use of our products.

Whether you are a homeowner thinking of renovating your own home; an architect looking for floor or wall covers for commercial premises; a designer seeking to decorate a house or apartment or a contractor planning to build a swimming pool, Maxi Home can make your job much easier.

Our Vision

To provide natural stones to the ‘concrete’ lifestyle of city folks, we provide a comprehensive range of products so that the city lifestyles would also be complemented with a touch of natural beauty.

Our Mission

Let’s enhancing your space with natural beauty

Sustainability Path

  • Maxi Stone is one of the largest natural stone importer in Malaysia.
  • We believe that sustainability practices make excellent business sense.
  • To improve the spatial experience where we live, work and play.
  • To be an employer of the choice that attracts, develops and retains talent.
  • We are dedicated to provide excellent service through the incessant learning of our human capital to drive continuous of our process and products.

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