Cobble Stone is used for heavy duty, Romanized designs on your driveways, walkways, patios and gardening areas. The 3 main characteristics of granite rock are : hardness, durability and aesthetics. They are the primary reasons which make granite pavers perfectly suited for architectural landscaping and pavement applications. We have a wide selection of sizes, colors and various surfaces to suit your every need.


Our range of dimentional stones comes in many different surfaces and colors, allowing you to select the colors ideal for your project. It allows a dull surface to be clad with natural stone to offer a decorative an aesthetic decorative stone appearance.

We are believed to be one of the largest in Malaysia and our range is made up predominantly of materials from quarries in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, India and other countries. With its superior durability and beautiful color, its best used for both interior and exterior wall finishes. This makes it one of the best innovations to be offered to today’s landscape industry

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